Meet The Graphics Team


‘A picture is worth a thousand words, but memories are priceless.

When the fist Daddys with Angels group was set up it quickly became apparent that graphics were going to have to be an integral part of it. I had no experience whatsoever of using a computer to make graphics, neither did I know where to start. I began by looking at what graphics others were doing on social media and what they were using. Some were ‘very shy’ in sharing how they did things but some were very helpful. I began using some of the apps available on Facebook like Pizap and Imikimi. One I got to grips with them I began to look at using other apps and program’s.

The firsts use of graphics were for what we call ‘Special days’ -Birthdays and Angelversaries. These remain an important part of the group. In a world where many will forget these days if you are in one of our groups and we have their details then WE WILL REMEMBER THEM. Not long after the group was set up I set up a page on Facebook. Initially this was to share the group and Angel related pictures, graphics or poems which had been found on web searches. I then began making some using the skills I had learnt. With the growth of the group and the opening of another group for mums and dads and the page there was a need for some help. The special days were continued on the groups and some volunteers had stepped forward to make graphics and take requests for graphics off the page.

There were quite a lot of comings and goings with volunteers wanting to do graphics, but graphics remained a consistent part of DWA. In December 2015 I took the decision to open a dedicated graphics group for volunteers (who are all Angel dads, like the group support workers) who wanted to help make graphics for Daddys with Angels and then a graphics pick up group where group members can go to and request personalised graphics form those on offer.

I asked Warren (his item is below this) to head up the graphics team as he had shown the right skills and aptitude to do it. The graphics team took over responsibility for the special days graphics in the group and the designing , making and scheduling of graphics on the community page. The graphics team will also take on requests from the group and the page.

New volunteers are gradually being added to the graphics team. Some already have the necessary skills, some have an interest in doing this type of graphics. I began without any skills or knowledge on graphics, so I use that as a basis when someone is identified as a volunteer.

The more experienced members of the team are more than happy to take newcomers under their wings and this works well. From the start when I had pretty much no idea on how to make graphics it has evolved to a confident and imaginative team who not only make pictures, they now help make those precious memories, which Angel parents need and seek to bring them some comfort.


12166487_10207832649319996_1683957126_n (1)



Hi My name is Warren Morris and I am the Head of the graphics team here at Daddys With Angels .

I have been a member of DWA since August 2014 just over a year since My son, Oliver Passed away. I have been Involved in DWA as a Volunteer since March 2015.

I have always been Involved in the Graphics side of things in one way or another, but was asked to form a graphics department as we grew bigger . The department is overseen by the Owner Paul and Myself. The team for me is one of the best , all Angel Dads with a passion for helping others through Various graphics/Videos.

My main roles are to oversee the team , collate ideas , produce Videos for DWA and Other various Media Projects , as well as guide others on improving their skills.

We all have our own strengths and we all bring something to the team , I couldn’t ask for a better bunch to work with for DWA



One of My Favorite graphics that I produced




Hi I’m Michael Welch, I am father to my Angel Holly I also have 3 sunshine kids and a Rainbow.

I joined Dwa as a member over a year ago. In January I was asked to try out as admin and I absolutely loved being able to help people who were grieving like me.

Through time I was also asked to join the graphics group and have had the pleasure of making many graphics for the members and their angels



One of My favorite graphics that I produced




Hello I’m Michael Hensley. I am the father of Angel Alaira Nicole Hensley forever 9 7-2-2005/1-6-2015. I also have a 23 yr old son Tyler Wayne Hensley and soon to be 9 year old daughter on October 25 named Shailyn Christine Hensley.

I joined Warren Morris and his team shortly after Alaira’s death to help others. My goal is to leave behind words to help my brothers/sisters walk the journey that’s been given when mine comes to an end.



One of My favorite graphics that I have Produced





Hi my name is Andrew Clayton-Bunday, I joined DWA back in Jan 2015 , and was asked to help out with the Graphics Department in 2016.I have 6 Angels , 2 were born and 4 were miscarriages .

I help out a lot in the background with tech support for the guys , sourcing software and teaching them how to use it . I am currently tasked with looking after the Special day files as My main duties . I specialize In photo restoration of damaged pictures and picture editing


One of My favorite graphics that I have produced




Hello I’m Jamie Fallick – Wicks I am farther to Angel Oliver Fallick – Wicks. At our 20 week scan we where given the news that he had patau syndrome ( A fatal chromosome defect ) and we where given the option of having a medically advised termination.

After another scan and test to confirm the results Oliver was born on the 30/8/15 at 21 weeks.

Finding DWA has meant so much to me and I was thinking of a way to give back so when I saw a post asking for a new member of the graphics team I jumped on it and here I am. It really helps me work through my issues and to have a connection with fellow Angel parents that is so hard to find in the outside world.I am currently tasked with the scheduling of Graphics to the community page









Hi, my name is Peter Hurraw. I gained an angel in 2015. She was only 7 months old and had a heart defect and struggled those 7 months but was a fighter. I’m also part of DWA’s graphic support team where I make graphics with emotional quotes, and custom graphics that can have someone’s angels name on it.




Got a graphic request? Head on over to our community page and drop us a message



About Daddys with Angels.

We began as a group for grieving fathers and men in families, but other family members asked to join us. We now also have a group for Families with Angels dads and other male family members and siblings under 18. We have experienced and live with the harsh pain of loss and we hope we can bring other comfort with what we do, To find us please search for us on face book or Hugs to you all and floaty kisses to all your angels. We retain the name Daddys With Angels.
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