Darcey’s Dreams


I recently made a post about abruption (https://daddyswithangels.wordpress.com/?s=placenta+abruption) and at I began with some ‘advice’. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY SIGNS OF A PLACENTA ABRUPTION GO TO YOUR NEAREST HOSPITAL AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. IF YOU CAN GET THEIR QUICKER BY CAR THEN DRIVE.  I made the post as placenta abruption was a topic which was often discussed in the closed Daddys with Angels’s groups, but the advice  came in the aftermath of a sad and unnecessary real event culminating in the death of baby.

I don’t for one moment, profess to be an expert in placenta abruption, nor have a wide knowledge of how the ambulance service or emergency medicine operates, but I can with hindsight,  detail catalogue of delays and errors of judgment which caused the death Of Darcey. (sue me later).


The quote to this photo is, ‘This was the safest place for you baby girl, I’m so sorry! love daddy’ . The quote was made by Simon, who looking back to a time when his daughter was growing healthily in her mother’s womb. ( Friday 24-01-14) A time he was happy and anxiously waiting to meet his new baby. Just twelve hours later his world was torn apart, leaving him a broken man. The day after this photo was taken Michelle suffered a placenta abruption.  Being faced with his partner in sever pain and bleeding heavily Simon made a worried 999 call. He later described this as his ‘worse experience’. Being just 1,2 miles from a newly built, billion pound hospital his anxiety eased slightly, believing that help would be with him shortly and that his bay and Michelle would be in safe hands.

He was advised, by the emergency operator to keep Michelle laid flat. They waited, and waited whilst Michelle lay bleeding heavily for a nearly 50 minutes until the ambulance eventually arrived. Yes, 50 minutes to travel 1,2 miles! Simon was later told that the call had be downgraded from red to green, indicating that they did not deem this situation, a placenta abruption to be an emergency. Little did they know how wrong they would be.

At approximately 7.50 am they are taken to hospital but not flat as Simon  was instructed. Instead Michelle was  stood up and sat in a chair to carried downstairs. She was  seated upright in the ambulance with no lines in and no treatment received, despite having lost so much blood.   He did notice a rapid increase of the amount of blood being lost because of being stood up, and in hindsight questioned the lack of consistency in how Michelle should have been positioned, but at the time that wasn’t his main priority.

On arriving at the hospital several attempts  of intrusive  procedure were attempted to stem the blood flow, followed by misdiagnosis and leaving Michelle bleeding for a further 39 minutes.

Throughout this time Darcey  heart was beating all this time. She was very much alive. Darcey took a turn for the worse and realising  that they had not done what they had needed to,they rushed them in to theatre for an emergency c section.


From start to finish 99 minutes had elapsed. 99 minutes of delay and inconsistency. 99 minutes that could and should have been very much different. Darcey Maddison  was declared stillborn. She would have stood a chance if the ambulance had arrived promptly, she would have stood a chance, if Michelle had been kept flat, she would have stood a chance if Michelle had be given the right and immediate diagnosis and care. Darcey never stood a chance.

Over a year later and Simon and Michelle are still fighting for justice for Darcey. They want and need the answers for why their daughter isn’t toddling around their home, smiling and learning to talk and being mischevious. They know that by getting the answers, or people being made accountable for the decisions were made will not bring Darvey back and that is why all they can have is the dreams of what life would have been with Darcey.

Darcey was classed as a still birth, but still to this day they haven’t been given a birth certificate. Both Simon and Michelle know that their daughter would be here today if things were done differently. They know that Darcey was still fighting right until the end and that end was premature, and caused by things not being done correctly.

Recently  they were given some hope following a coroner’s decision on a similar story. Hope that because Darcey’s heart was beating right up to the last minute that someone may be made accountable for her death.

Fantastic news. The Coroner has ruled that Clara was not a Stillbirth after all. She was a live baby. This is the best news we could have had. He made his ruling on the testimony of medical staff saying they heard her heartbeat during labour. This Is fantastic news for all Mothers who have lost their babies in this way and is due to the dogged determination of my wonderful Daughter Caroline, who would not take NO for an answer. The hospital have admitted they failed her and told the Coroners of the changes they have since made. It does not bring my precious Granddaughter back but gives my Daughter and her partner some closure in that Clara has now been legally acknowledged as a person in her own right. We are beyond Happy.
Many many Thanks to The Campaign for Safer Births for their help throughout. Nicky and Michelle have been very supportive. The Coroner stated that he believed Caroline’s version of the events at Labour and that her discharge was indeed inappropriate. He stated he found her to be Intelligent and Articulate. I could not have put it better myself. So very proud of her x’

Despite this Simon bravely continues to struggle on day by day. The loss of his daughter has and will continue to have a severe impact on every aspect of his day and night (as he stays awake at night). Not one day goes by that he isn’t thinking about her. He has set up a Facebbok page so others can share Darcey’s story and his ongoing journey to get what he feels to be the truth and justice for his daughter.


The circumstances of Darcey’s death  is currently part of legal proceeding.


About Daddys with Angels.

We began as a group for grieving fathers and men in families, but other family members asked to join us. We now also have a group for Families with Angels dads and other male family members and siblings under 18. We have experienced and live with the harsh pain of loss and we hope we can bring other comfort with what we do, To find us please search for us on face book or www.daddyswithangels.org/. Hugs to you all and floaty kisses to all your angels. We retain the name Daddys With Angels.
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