Garden of statues for unborn children.

When a family are expecting a baby on of the things they rush out to do is buy clothes and toys in anticipation of being able to dress their new child and, in time, watch their baby play with the toys. Sadly there are many parents who don’t have the opportunity to meet their children and some only briefly.  Many, who have never lost a child, believe that am grieving parents only mourns for the child they have lost. the reality is they grieve for the time that they would have spent with their child, dressing them as babies and watching and being part of them growing up. There is nothing that can replace this.

I recently read an article entitled  ‘The Garden of Statues of Unborn Children’. just the title was warming, it took away the harshness of terms we use in western society like miscarriage and still birth; recognising them firmly as children.


As I said previously there isn’t anything that can replace a child, but Angel parents are entitled to seek and find some comfort, which I firmly believe this type of garden could offer. It isn’t the same as dressing your own child or seeing them play with their own toys, but as with many things in child loss a lot of things are symbolic, but do allow a certain level of comfort.


Sadly, in certain types of loss (miscarriage) it is not always possible to have a funeral ( I say not always possible as I have seen funerals for early miscarriages in the UK) and the parents are left with little or no recognition that they had created a life. How wonderful would it be if this idea could be adopted in other countries? I know that any little bit of comfort an Angel parent can find would be warmly received, but with anything else the block would be red tape and finance.

Please find the article (copied) below)

‘There is a sacred burial ground in Tokyo called the Zojoji Temple. This garden is filled with fantastic statues and gardens. In one particular garden, rows of stone statues stand – these small statues represent the unborn (miscarried, aborted, stillborn) children of Japan.


{Parents of stillborn children can leave toys and dress up the statues at this cemetery which can help them through the grieving process.)

When a parent loses their child, they can choose a statue in the garden and decorate it with small clothing and toys. There is a belief that the garden is protected by Jizobosatusu, who guards the souls of stillborn children. He protects the souls of and brings them, hidden from demons, to the afterlife because they have not had the chance to the good deeds necessary to make it to the afterlife.

Usually the statues are accompanied by a small gift for Jizobosatusu to ensure that they are brought to the afterlife. Sometimes they pile stones by the statue, as a way to shorten the amount of suffering a child has to do on the way to the afterlife.’

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About Daddys with Angels.

We began as a group for grieving fathers and men in families, but other family members asked to join us. We now also have a group for Families with Angels dads and other male family members and siblings under 18. We have experienced and live with the harsh pain of loss and we hope we can bring other comfort with what we do, To find us please search for us on face book or Hugs to you all and floaty kisses to all your angels. We retain the name Daddys With Angels.
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